Setting Up A Secure Wireless Network

Setting up a wireless Internet network is no longer a tedious process with the advanced WI-FI routers and bluetooth compatible laptops on the market today. Let me discuss the basic steps involved in setting up the network.

Other companies use other IP addresses. For example, TP-Link typically uses as the default access address. Some companies use or It is usually the case that a company uses an IP address for all their routers, so if you know the path to a Cisco router, it’s the same for everyone. It is recommended that you read the manual of the router you purchased and find the default IP address, information from

For the second step, click “Network and Internet Connection”. Then click on “Network Connections”. Right-click the connection you want to share, and then click “Properties.” Select the “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection” check box under “Internet Connection Sharing”. Then click “OK”. For the nest, click “Yes” after you see the following.

Wireless computers use network discovery software to automatically search for nearby SSIDs. Some of the more advanced software will query the SSIDs of neighboring networks and even display their names. Therefore, changing the network name only partially helps to secure your network. To prevent discovery of your network name, you must disable SSID broadcasting.

Now, when these settings are all configured in your DVR; It is now time to grab a computer and access your router. When you have access to your router, you will have to find your port forwarding page and assign your port DVRs to redirect to your DVRs INTERNAL IP address.

Linksys came into existence because Cisco felt that there was a virtual demand for routers at home. Cisco has created the router and introduced it into the user world. There are three types of routers available for you. The first and best is the wireless router, which is fairly easy to use. There is no cable required and therefore you can plug into your device without the need for a cable.

In the world today, everything is accompanied by paperwork. The scenario is not quite as different in the cyber world as well. To regulate the use of the same IP addresses again and again, there is an organization called Request for Comment. The RFC defined is that particular address that can be marked as a private address that people can use to access the Internet. There are also other addresses in the range of to and To make the identification more convenient, RFC has aligned them as follows: to as the 24-bit block, to as the 20-bit block, and 192. 168.255.255 as 16 bit-blocks.

Since your wireless network is now invisible, you will need to configure your computers to connect to your wireless network using the new name. On Windows XP, first click the wireless icon in the notification area and proceed from there.

Open Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, that is, your Internet browser and in the address bar type, and press Enter. You will now get a login screen asking for a username and password.

Most ISPs have greater protection against Internet protocol addresses than before. Some providers like AOL use a pool of numbers. AOL subscribers get the numbers randomly which means that it is harder to trace them.